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Elevating the Game: Graphite Business Advisers' Insight Event 2024

On February 22, 2024, Graphite Business Advisers (GBA) hosted an engaging seminar titled "Elevate Your Game in 2024: Striving and Thriving in the Real Estate Industry" at The Crest on Barkly, Melbourne, Australia. This full-day event, designed for real estate agency owners, property managers, business owners, financial advisors, accountants, and anyone interested in financial management and success, offered a deep dive into the strategies for business growth and financial success within the dynamic real estate sector.

Anthony Wong C.A. from Graphite Business Advisers (GBA), a distinguished figure with nearly three decades of specialized advisory experience, kicked off the day with a welcoming speech that set the tone for a day of insightful learning and networking.

Following this, Adelaide Timbrell, Senior Economist at ANZ, delivered a compelling keynote on economic trends affecting the real estate industry, emphasizing the importance of understanding market forces for strategic decision-making.

Tom Panos, a real estate expert with over 30 years of experience, offered his profound insights during a session that explored successful strategies for real estate agents. His presentation was tailored to equip agents with the tools required to achieve impressive results in today’s competitive marketplace.

Following his talk, the event facilitated breakout sessions focusing on critical topics such as tax treatment on the sale of rent rolls and financial strategies for real estate agencies. The breakout sessions were led by My Team Stars (M) Pty Ltd. My Team Stars (MTS) is an outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services firm based in Malaysia, focusing on providing timely administration and accounting support primarily to Australian clients. The company prides itself on promoting work-life balance and maintaining high standards of physical and mental well-being among its employees. With a vision centered on building supportive relationships, MTS offers practical opportunities for professionals to apply and enhance their skills within Australian business settings. Their services are supervised by certified staff from Graphite Business Advisers, leveraging over 20 years of industry experience.

The afternoon sessions included a keynote by Jake Caine, CEO of Caine Real Estate, who discussed his forecasts for 2024, highlighting upcoming trends and opportunities in the real estate sector. The event concluded with a comprehensive session on property management, providing attendees with valuable strategies to enhance their operational effectiveness.

Throughout the day, participants also had the opportunity to interact with exhibitors from My Team Stars (M) Pty Ltd, Denways Legal & Conveyancing, and ANZ, among others, who showcased their latest solutions, platforms, and tools designed to simplify workflows and enhance business success.

GBA’s commitment to empowering the real estate sector was evident through this well-organized event, which not only offered a wealth of knowledge but also provided a platform for professionals to connect and discuss the future of real estate.

For those who missed the event, details and resources are available here.

Stay tuned for future events as GBA continues to support and lead in the financial success of real estate enterprises.

For more information on how our audit and advisory services can help your real estate business adapt and thrive in today's dynamic market, visit our website:


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