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Reconfirm JobSaver Eligibility

Here is a reminder to reconfirm eligibility for your next JobSaver payment for 13-26 September.

The process is easy and only takes a couple of minutes, just log into your Business Profile using MyServiceNSW Account to reconfirm.

With some industries and regions beginning to emerge from restrictions, NSW government are asking businesses to confirm they still meet the eligibility criteria every fortnight to continue receiving ongoing payments.

Businesses do not need to provide any additional evidence or attach any documentation when reconfirming your eligibility. However, please maintain adequate records to show evidence of your eligibility if required.

You will have received this payment even if you haven't yet confirmed eligibility, however payments scheduled for October may be affected.

If your circumstances have changed and COVID-19 restrictions no longer impact you, please call 13 77 88 to withdraw from the program.

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